Loose Ends, 10-16-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Is a three-month jail sentence for publicly having sex with someone you met at an all-you-can-eat buffet an entirely bad idea?  A Dubai court sentenced a British couple on Thursday to three months in jail for having sex on a public beach.  They had been charged with having sex outside of marriage, public indecency and public drunkenness—since public display of affection is illegal.  Book those spring break trips now, kids.  Dubai is the new Cancun.  [Fox News | Marie Claire]

“A Nebraska judge tossed out a state senator’s lawsuit against God [which called for an injunction from natural disasters], ruling the Almighty can’t be sued because his heavenly address is a bit out of reach.” The Big Guy is pretty wise like that—not keeping a planetary residence to prevent these very types of inconveniences.  And for the obvious tax loopholes.  God’s publicist called the lawsuit “frivolous” and read a statement from her client saying: “Have fun with my little friend Omar.” [New York Daily News]

It’s oddly like a Bitter Lawyer interview—only from across the pond.  Attorney Tony Bugg advises PwC regarding the Lehman Brothers situation in the UK.  And judging from his responses, is a total Capricorn. [Times Online]

Bloomberg for another term?  Speak twice or forever hold your peace.  [Associated Press]

“It makes me angry that someone would do him that way,” said the irony-challenged neighbor of a man who died having sex with a woman who then fleeced his house rather than report his death.  [NBC Chicago]

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  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t have sex on the beach unless there was a nice blanket to keep the sand out.  I can’t imagine how awful that would be.  Even if you could jump in the water and rinse off.  Of course, sex in the water may be a better option.