Loose Ends, 10-17-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

In their last appearance together before the election, McCain and Obama both gave speeches at a fundraiser and stirred up some serious laughs.  It makes you wonder: Why can’t politics always be this funny?  I think you’d agree that all this superfluous talk about issues, credentials, voting records, economic plans, clean-carbon technology and all that other blah-blah-blah is really getting tiring.  [New York Daily News]

But all it takes is hearing one utterance of “Tina Fey for President” to realize America is better off with clean, distinct lines between politics and entertainment.  []

Then McCain confirms on The Late Show with David Letterman that Sarah Palin will perform on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and you’re completely back to square one.  (What, you thought today’s Bitter Poll was just coincidence?) Seriously though, what’s real anymore?  Who’s who?  I’m so confused.  [Los Angeles Times Blogs]

And this only makes it more confusing—Josh Brolin’s portrayal of President Bush in Oliver Stone’s movie W. can be seen in theaters starting today.  “It’s safe to say that the Bush depicted in Oliver Stone’s “W.” – and the movie itself – will put off viewers who approve of the president and at least amuse those who consider him a disaster.” But what about those of us who can’t tell reality from fiction anymore? What about us, huh?  HUH?!?  [San Francisco Chronicle]

Cristina Warthen, the Stanford law grad who made ends meet by working as a high-priced call girl, pleaded not guilty in court yesterday to allegedly screwing Uncle Sam out of $25,000 in federal income tax.  Her people are apparently banging out a plea deal.  It’s reported that she was a perfect lady in court and kept her hands clasped behind her back as she listened to the oral arguments.  [San Jose Mercury News]

Golden parachutes won’t open for AIG executives.  [Business Week]

You might be asked to take your shirt off when you go to vote in Michigan this November—unless a labor union gets their way.  They want to overturn the state’s ban on wearing campaign paraphernalia inside polling locations.  [Chicago Tribune]

Klutz breaks a hip and thinks she deserves a blank check.  Enough to make anyone bitter.  [The Namby Pamby]