Loose Ends, 10-18-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Republican Senator Ted Stevens, an HLS grad, “sparred with a top Justice Department attorney Friday” at his corruption trial.  He then pulled her off to the side and offered to remodel her house for practically nothing if she would lay off saying, “I know a guy…” [Los Angeles Times]

In a very uncool move, a 78-year-old man threw an explosive through the window of a Georgia law firm, killing himself and injuring four inside.  [Washington Post]

You’re a lawyer, and that’s so arbitrary.  But can it keep you from finding your legal pad?  [Los Angeles Times]

In light of the financial crisis (and despite reports of layoffs), lawyers are in demand now more than ever.  “A recent report by the law firm Fulbright & Jaworski found that more than one-third of lawyers working internally for companies expected to see more litigation in 2009. Lawyers at the biggest companies were more likely to expect a boom in lawsuits, according to the study.” And remember, there’s a difference between being “in demand” and being “popular.” [The New York Times]

More lawyer layoffs (despite reports of lawyers being in demand)—this time in Chicago.  Even worse is that more are still expected.  [Forbes.com]

The kitty killer.  Feline snuffer.  Cat crucifier.  Pussy slayer.  Convict.  [Legal Juice]