Loose Ends, 10-19-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Leading up to the election, a San Francisco-based law firm is trying to prohibit the amount of political chatter that goes on within the firm.  With the presidential race being so heated, they’re hoping to keep the workplace “safe” and free of hostile opinions.  So lawyers can focus on the things they get paid to argue.  [CantonRep.com]

But you can’t keep a good lawyer quiet.  And while many firms are reported to be supporting Obama (Loose Ends, 10-13-08), one Harvard-educated trial lawyer speaks out about his decision to vote for McCain.  [American Thinker]

Boing.  That’s the sound of Nike dropping a lawsuit on Wal-Mart for selling an athletic shoe that resembles Nike’s Shox line too closely.  Swoosh.  That’s likely the sound of Wal-Mart trying to make the lawsuit disappear.  [DNR: Defining Men’s Fashion]

Bitter Lawyer faces conundrum: Lawyers are being laid off left and right, and now the web world is cutting employees up and down.  Direction left to turn: TheUnemployedLawyersUnderstaffedBlog.com [San Francisco Chronicle]

Someone has to deal with the fruits and the nuts, so a judge has staggered one family’s prison sentences to accommodate their business’s harvest season.  While one is packed away in the nuthouse, the others will be profitably packing nuts.  [Recordnet.com]

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