Loose Ends, 10-2-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Forbes.com posted a special report called “The Dream Life,” which profiles former corporate types who ditched a desk for a dream.  Featured is Biglaw-gone-Hollywood writer Rick Eid, Bitter Lawyer columnist and creator of our original web series Living the Dream. Here’s an idea: Nick Conley resigns from continuously getting his head kicked in at Sullivan & Moore and defects to the Himalayas to “find himself”—and the Yeti.  I smell season finale!  [Forbes.com]

Also profiled is formerly “unsatisfied” Big Firm attorney and HLS grad William Rawn III, who’s now an architect.  Hate to call out a trend here, but….  [Forbes.com]

Oh, and here’s a shock—most six-year-olds don’t necessarily want to be lawyers, nor do they realize what paltry salaries their dream jobs net.  “Five of the 33 6-year-olds said they wanted to grow up to be a firefighter. But according to statistics compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, firefighters earn a mean annual wage of just $42,370—far below that of other dream jobs like lawyer, doctor and astronaut.  The sad fact is that many of the most popular kid-friendly careers aren’t the best paid.” Six-year-olds are such idiots!  They’re all totally impractical.  [Forbes.com]

Similarities in lexicons aren’t the only ways the worlds of law and prostitution intersect.  It’s amazing how often law students and professional sex workers are one in the same.  [Above the Law]

You say depression.  I say recession.  Let’s call the whole thing off.  [Slate]

CMILF alert!  If your turn-ons include “legislative power,” here’s a politically incorrect list of the eight hottest female Congressional Members.  [Holy Taco]

Two loss prevention employees at Nieman Marcus in Chicago were unable to prevent the loss of their jobs after being caught on tape having sex in the office.  Now they’re suing the luxury retailer and claiming they were illegally videotaped.  It’s rumored that those who saw the tape called the sex overpriced, stuffy, and no different than the sex they tape at Saks.  [Chicago Tribune]

An exact, detailed plan for how to maintain a happy marriage—just how lawyers like it.  You gotta hug it out, and it goes a little something like this: “At least 22 periods of ‘quality time’ together every month.” Somewhere in those 22 periods you must include “at least seven evenings in together every month with two proper dinner dates.” Not to mention, “two romantic walks a month and at least one visit to a pub or cinema without the children or other friends.” Not done yet—“husbands should give their wife flowers or another gift at least once a month.” Then there are the three (3) original works of creative writing using your spouse as your muse, seven (7) weekly gym hours and a total hardbody, five (5) daily hysterical uses of your stunning sense of humor, a perfect 40/128 work/life balance, 40% monthly surplus of income after expenses, and one (1) iron-clad pre-nup because the thought of most of this is fantasyland.  [Mail Online and Telegraph]