Loose Ends, 10-20-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Lawyers will be watchdogs at the polls on November 4th as part of an election process that’s already riddled with lawsuits in several battleground states.  Both parties have teams and litigation plans in place in anticipation of voting crises.  Because the festive anticipation is half the fun.  [Bloomberg]

Clients are the ones who seem to be pushing for financial restructuring in law firms lately—including layoffs.  “Washington area law firms are retooling due to a financial crisis that is bringing growing pressure from corporations and a drop in work in mergers and acquisitions, litigation and commercial real estate.” [Washington Post]

The ACLU has named a Brooklyn Law School professor as its new president.  She’s an American.  Very civil.  Loves liberties.  In a group setting.  [Jurist]

Law students in the UK are wigging out about the traditional legal dress. Do old-school wigs and gowns uphold an honored tradition or make officials look like antiquated idiots?  People not to ask: Beefeaters and Bobbies.  [Times Online]

Gov. Palin’s Saturday Night Live appearance brought in record viewers.  Yet no one really remembers who actually hosted.  Hint: It wasn’t Mark Wahlberg[ABC News]

Lord of the Rings actors didn’t receive a percentage of merchandising sales from items featuring their character in the movie, as agreed upon in their contracts, so they sued—and have now settled.  So now those of you who bought the millions of Bilbo Baggins toilet paper cozies can feel better knowing the wealth has been shared.  [Stuff.co.nz]