Loose Ends, 10-21-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

With “children” old enough to have their own children being dropped off on Momma Nebraska’s doorstep under the state’s new safe-haven law, legislators have decided to narrow the age limit a smidge.  And by “a smidge,” I mean 17 years, 11 months and 28 days.  [Yahoo!]

Get baked at your next gay wedding!  Maybe.  Massachusetts will vote to pass lighter punishments (including no report of the incident on your criminal history) for those busted with less than an ounce of marijuana.  [Boston.com]

Raoul Felder, a divorce lawyer to the stars, is seeking custody of his own $200,000.  He’s suing an investment firm for suckering him into a risky hedge fund.  [New York Daily News]

While the general public struggles to resolve whether “Womanizer” is catchy or robotically noisy, a jury of Britney Spears’ peers has yet to reach a unanimous decision at her driving-without-a-California-license trial.  While the jury foreman will likely lip-sync the verdict live in court, studio recordings of the decision will be available for download including the album version, radio edit, unplugged acoustic B-side and “Def Club Bad Boyz Remixxx.” [Los Angeles Times]

A sign that your article about the Utah Minority Bar Association’s Lawyer of the Year has maybe gone awry: It leads with how the award recipient’s mother is seemingly disappointed in her son’s work. “She cannot help but tease him about being a defense attorney whose work deals with people charged with murder, rape, bank fraud and dealing drugs, among other things.” Sure she appreciates being known for teasing about rape.  [Deseret News]

The oldest practicing attorney died Sunday in Australia.  He’s remembered for his commitment to the profession and for contributing nearly a century of billable time.  [The Age]

Caucasians between the ages of 40 and 64 are the “new high-risk group for suicide” according to a new journal study.  And, well, let’s face it: Lawyers tend to skew white and middle-aged.  [Chicago Tribune]

But chill out—there’s help for way-too-Bitter Lawyers on the brink.  [Lawyers Life Coach]

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  • Lady of Law

    If anyone ever heard some of the comments my mom makes to me about being a lawyer maybe I could win a Lawyer of the Year award.  Thank god for therapy.