Loose Ends, 10-22-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Defining the types of stress “Biglaw Cogs” are feeling during this economic crisis is the easy part.  The solutions for how to survive at the firm are a lot harder to come by.  Other than “don’t laugh, giggle or skip. Look somber.” [The Snark via Law.com]

Since rich-man shady success stories always engender happy Wednesdays: Attorney Marshall (Mickey) Cohen left the party while it was still going strong—and is all the more better off for it.  Before the current financial meltdown, Cohen stepped down from his position as AIG’s board director in May and, according to SEC filings, conveniently cashed in much of his AIG stock while it was worth around 20 times more than its current going rate.  [GlobeAndMail.com]

Exclusions from marketing contracts have retired NFL players looking for the Mickey Cohen deal.  [ESPN]

How is it possible to trust any part of the election process in the key state of Virginia when they can’t even determine who has or hasn’t won the lottery?  “Hundreds of players thought they had struck gold when lottery terminals errantly spit out tickets that appeared to have won them as much as $7,777. Turns out it was a computer glitch, not lady luck.” Now the attorney general’s office is in charge of determining whether the holy-cow-I-just-won-the-lottery-SIKE! ticket holders will receive a payout.  [Washington Post]

Thanks…for nothing, Britney’s misdemeanor trial jury.  A mistrial has been declared.  And (advance apology for the horrifically overused pun) oops, they won’t do it again—the case has been dismissed.  [E! Online]

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    The Dechert View on “layoffs”:
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