Loose Ends, 10-23-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Damn, it doesn’t feel good to be a banker.  Your good friends in the securities industry are staring into the face of another tsunami of layoffs.  Goldman Sachs may ax 3,200 employees.  That’s in addition to the 24,000 Citigroup, the 14,000 Lehman Brothers and the 10,000 Merrill Lynch have already let go.  “‘When a lean and mean firm starts trimming, they’re cutting into muscle,’ said Shaun Springer, chief executive officer of Napier Scott Executive Search Ltd. in London.” [Bloomberg]

Oprah is being sued for $180 million dollars.  Or, as she calls it, Stedman’s allowance.  [TMZ]

Nutter butters!  Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter announced that a drawing will be held tomorrow to determine which local citizens will jump to the front of the line and win the chance to accompany him in the mayor’s box for each World Series home games.  Ah, brotherly love.  [Philly.com]

Former judge and current a-hole Roy L. Pearson, Jr. is still trying to have his “satisfaction guaranteed” in the court system by trying to re-press his ‘suit’ with his $54 million case against a dry cleaners that lost his pants.  [Washington Post]

You might be in line to collect $1.4 billion for representing Lehman Brothers, New York Big Firm attorneys, but how many lawyers can say they represent Santa Clause and fight for his job security?[WTVR]

What are the worst Supreme Court decisions?  No, not according to Sarah Palin.  According to constitutional law professors and court experts.  [Los Angeles Times]

  • BSD

    Does this mean no more “hospitlaity” tents at the US Open? Time to get cozy with JPMorgan Chase.