Loose Ends, 10-26-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

What a long, strange trip it was… “Harold ‘Hal’ Kant, the Grateful Dead’s longtime principal lawyer and corporate general counsel who spent more than three decades helping protect the legendary rock band’s lucrative musical legacy, has died. He was 77.” [Los Angeles Times]

Before the s**t hit the fan on Wall Street, a former Lehman trader’s foul mouth cost him his job—and now he’s cursing his former boss for it.  [Bloomberg]

Mold is Star Jones’ kryptonite.  It apparently renders her unable to address housing issues for more than a year and a half.  [Boston Herald]

The customer is always right—except maybe on eBay.  Buyer beware that not being satisfied with your purchase is something you might want to keep to yourself.  “A man is facing legal action for libel after leaving negative feedback for an item he bought on auction website eBay.” [Times Online]

Once upon a virtual time, a virtual marriage hit virtual hard times and ended in virtual divorce.  Unfortunately, that led to a virtual ex-wife so biter that she committed virtual murder, which landed her in not-so-virtual jail.  [Durango Herald]