Loose Ends, 10-27-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Wanna insult Donald Trump?  Call him a millionaire.  And then don’t tell him who told you to say that.  Zing!  [The New York Times]

Louisiana has some of the toughest laws on attorney advertising.  They can’t promise results or talk about past success.  They say it gives the profession a bad reputation.  And lawyers from Louisiana are already fighting an uphill battle in that department.  [Chicago Tribune]

Sorry, Tyra Banks—some think Sarah Palin is the new Oprah.  If the McCain ticket loses the election, Palin’s personality will no doubt be in demand, but her previous commitment as Alaska’s governor prevents her from accepting entertainment fees or offers.  [UPI.com]

Start spreading the news; they’re fleeing today.  Former Wall Street bankers and brokers are starting an exodus and leaving New York for a fresh start elsewhere.  “Escobio [chief executive officer of Coral Gables, Fla.-based Southern Trust Securities Inc.] said in the past few months, one out of every four or five resumes comes from top Wall Street firms – compared with about one out of 100 in years past.” [MyWay]