Loose Ends, 10-28-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

“Former Milberg partner Steven Schulman was sentenced yesterday afternoon to six months in jail for a conspiracy to pay kickbacks to lead plaintiffs, the same sentence given to another partner, David Bershad, earlier in the day for his role in the scheme.” Moral of the story: Though paybacks may be a bitch, paying kickbacks makes you a bitch.  In prison.  [ABA Journal]

Milberg partners didn’t steal the entire career-suicide spotlight yesterday—Senator Stevens was convicted of seven counts of corruption for lying on his Senate financial documents.  While he plans to continue running for re-election next Tuesday despite the ruling, pundits believe his chances are as flambéed as Baked Alaska[Los Angeles Times]

Aside from Sen. Stevens, how’s the national Congressional race predicted to color out?  2008 seems to be the year to bet on blue.  “When all the votes are counted, the Democrats may wind up with 263 House seats to the Republicans’ 172, and 56 Senate seats versus the GOP’s 44.” [Barrons]

More than 400 lawyers will be hunting for new gigs if Thelen follows Heller Ehrman as the next law firm to close shop for good.  It would be the second San Franciso-based law firm to bite the dust within a month.  So they might want to get a hustle on netting up that there Golden Gate.  [Portfolio]

Perhaps good news for Thelen associates looking to root in D.C.—law offices are expect to lease the hell out of the office market due to bankruptcy work from the economic crisis, making an already-dense population of lawyers even thicker.  “Washington has more lawyers as a percentage of the population than nearly anywhere else in the world. More than 30,000 are practicing law in the District.” [Washington Times]

Are law firms, by basic structure, inherently unfeminine?  [Ms. JD]

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