Loose Ends, 10-29-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

In China, “Beijing police confirmed on Wednesday that a university law professor was stabbed to death by a student in a classroom.” Talk about a tough room.  [ChinaView.cn]

Two-year law school from a professor’s point of view.  Just how much of a curriculum change is necessary to accommodate these programs?  Can you learn enough to be “successful” in two years and a summer?  More importantly, do you really want to?  [PrawfsBlawg]

Leave it to these trying economic times to revert us back to bartering legal services for pelts.  But everyone has to do their share.  [ABA Journal]

How do you make it rain a Google’s worth?  “A tiny Bala Cynwyd law firm that sued Google Inc. alleging copyright infringement has won a huge settlement requiring the Internet giant to reimburse authors and publishers for use of published materials offered through its Web site.” It’s a settlement of $125 million—with about $30 million of it being legal fees.  [Philly.com]

For the first time ever, a defense lawyer gets to see an “ultra-secret section of Guantanamo” as she prepares her case defending a man charged with September 11th crimes.  You know, the place where all things “ultra-secret” happen.  So “ultra-secret” that it’s strong enough for a man, but pH-balanced for a woman.  [AP]

It’s not real, but it can’t be that far from the truth somewhere: Legal Negotiations Class Pays Off During Bargaining With Call Girl.  [Ridiculum Blog]

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  • Anonymous

    The last post here is a joke.  Some smug Duke law student goes down to the islands and gets a good deal on local tail.  He didn’t bargain on getting an STD and that’s not covered.  What a dillweed. Now he’s porking another chick here with an STD.

  • Pacific Reporter

    Guys at my high school used to negotiate with hookers all the time. It was no big deal.