Loose Ends, 10-3-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Good luck if you’re looking in the media today for a topic other than last night’s VP debate.  Palin didn’t lock her knees, pass out and gash her head on the podium; the world reacts.  [Above the Law, BBC News, CNN, Fox News, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Politico, Salon, USA Today, The Washington Post]

“A” is for abolished.  In fall 2009, Harvard Law School is tossing traditional letter grades and implementing a simple pass/fail system.  Apparently the pressure to compete is too much for the most competitive people in the world to handle. “In any academic setting, letter grades have the power to create perverse incentives. Students are discouraged from academic exploration for fear of sullying their pristine GPAs and are pressured to tailor their comments and papers to satisfy the whims of their evaluators more so than their own intellectual leanings.” It’s like hippie, flower power, law school love, man.  Peace.  [The Harvard Crimson]

Yale’s not-so-subtle panicky reaction.  [Yale Daily News]

There’s a new, female-owned law firm in Indianapolis, and the name is almost too precious for even network television: White and Champagne.  Tess White is the hard-charging Civil Trial Attorney.  Joan Champagne is the compassionate family lawyer.  Together, they are an empowered force.  David E. Kelley, I think we have your new post-Boston Legal project all right here.  Drinks on the firm patio every night at five—where the happy hour special is always White and Champagne.  [PR.com]

Flipping the judge the bird earned a Tennessee lawyer a contempt charge after an appeals court upheld the conviction.  [ABA Journal]

A categorical breakdown of legal blog postings.  Sort of.  [Concurring Opinions]

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