Loose Ends, 10-30-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Your pathetic Jerry Seinfeld impression might be protected (“What’s the deal with…”), but are Jerry’s jokes turning into a First Amendment issue?  And who would of thought that smashing avocados and converting them into gnarly brownies would turn into an idea people would fight over having anyway?  And why has no one ever fought me for my famous Skittles-incrusted tilapia recipe?  It’s a taste of the rainbow and has Omega-3s.  [Am Law Daily]

California is heating up over the possible repeal of gay marriage as voting day nears for Proposition 8.  And it’s important to remember that in this argument, no means yes.  “No” to support.  “Yes” to ban.  [Mercury News]

Many well-to-doers are wondering if they can ride out Wall Street long enough to stay married. “A Prince & Associates survey of 93 divorce lawyers for high-net-worth clients found that 83% of wealthy people would call it quits if their finances drastically deteriorated.” Seriously—are gay people really sure this is what they want to get themselves into?  [Forbes]

Why’s the fuzz reading my Blackberry?  Because they can.  [Wall Street Journal]

How’s that whole work/life balance thing going for you?  Yeah, maybe telecommuting isn’t the best thing to be doing right now with the economy cramping up.  Hate for “out of sight, out of mind” to turn into “out of sight, out of job.” [Legal Blog Watch]

Don’t you hate it when you lose your job and accuse your former family members of using their government power to get you fired only to realize that you’ve crossed your own reality with Troopergate AGAIN?  Then you have to go around apologizing to everyone while making awkward comments like, “Hey, sorry.  It was a simple mistake.  I just got confused with Sarah Palin’s abuse-of-power situation again.  It could happen to anyone.” Even though you know it couldn’t.  (Maybe that’s not the case here, but it sure feels reminiscent.) [Law.com]

Know what breaks the ice in jury deliberation rooms?  Groaner lawyer jokes, so it seems.  Which prompt Bitter Sharks to ask for mistrials.  Ba-doom-ching.  [Deliberations]