Loose Ends, 10-31-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Missouri child molesters are having a hard time making plans this Halloween with all the back-and-forth courtroom controversy surrounding them.  And the latest is that a federal appeals court ruled in favor of forbidding sex offenders from “Halloween-related contact.” Whatever that means.  [St. Louis Post Dispatch]

Do you need to know where you live to get into Stanford Law School?  That question prompted Stanford to insist that Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren issue a correction for an on-air joke she made about an admitted SLS applicant (not current law student) who illegally registered to vote in Ohio.  Watch Greta’s reaction to this “great” story.  And you know it’s “great” story because she says, “This is a great story,” about 20 times.  [GretaWire via Fox News]

Frederick “Fred” Baron, known as the “King of Torts” who loyally supported the Democratic Party in Texas, died on Thursday at 61.  [Dallas Morning News]

Hope you haven’t bought an outfit for the holiday party just yet, Thelen-ites.  The plan is to permanently close the top-100 firm’s doors on December 1.  [Washington Business Journal]

If Oprah had a lesser-known-yet-powerful male equivalent, who would it be?  Google CEO Eric Schmidt maybe?  Schmidt declared his (and Google’s) support for Obama at UVA Law School yesterday.  [WCAV.tv]

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  • jtw

    why not just put up a sign that says, “Knock On Door To Get Candy at Own Risk… of Molestation.” because what if the child molesters have the good candy, like full size snickers?

  • SRM, 1L

    Yeah, full sized snickers laced with Roofies!