Loose Ends, 10-5-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Man released on bail drives for 10 hours and 1,000 miles.  Two-time Indy 500 winner (and “Dancing with the Stars” fifth-season winner) Helio Castroneves won an Atlanta Petit Le Mans race on Saturday—after being released on $10 million bail following charges of six counts of tax evasion.  [International Herald Tribune]

Bill and Hillary’s disbarred-attorney neighbor was convicted on Saturday of killing his wife in an attempt to collect on her $900,000 insurance policy.  [The New York Times]

Though she died more than 45 years ago, men can’t stop fighting over Marilyn Monroe.  A legal battle is underway between photographers over images from her last photo shoot.  Did I mention it was a semi-nude photoshoot?  [Telegraph]

There are two things that are (almost) true for every profession.  All jobs have their own set of legal issues, and there’s a blog for every profession.  Even NYC cabbies.  A not-so-tall tale of one taxi driver’s fight against the system—on a small scale.  [NYC Taxi Photo Blog]

“Cathy Alter, a 37-year-old freelance journalist who by day works for a legal publishing company, is fresh out of a divorce.” She’s written a memoir about a yearlong quest to live life according to the messages in women’s magazines.  “A Cosmopolitan article leads Alter to over-analyze a significant other’s facial expressions, so much that she falsely convinces herself he’s about to break up with her.” Now why would he break up with a woman who was intensely practicing the perfect blended orgasm?  [Ledger-Enquirer]

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