Loose Ends, 10-7-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Rankings!  The Princeton Review released their new rankings of “The Best 174 Law Schools” yesterday, which (based on student surveys) listed the top 10 schools in 11 different categories.  As Above the Law shrewdly pointed out already, some of the most glaring surprises included Yale not making the top 10 in the category of “Best Career Prospects,” and Baylor topped the chart for “Most Competitive Students.” How do you like them apples?  [The Princeton Review]

And to think we even dared to report that White and Champagne (Loose Ends, 10-3-08) was “funny soundin’.” Try being a receptionist at law firms named Payne & Fears, Weiner & Cox, or Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen.  Now that’s a long day.  And Allen.  [GiggleSugar.com | Oddee.com]

Dude, cut me a break, I’m a dude!  It’s a disability.  Potentially.  [Law.com]

He’s baaaaack, and not ready for “action.” Actor David Duchovny has finished a rehab program for sex addiction.  He’s obviously disabled[BBC]

Dominatrixes in New York are putting their heads, whips and chains together in an effort to unionize.  They want to lobby lawmakers to protect their practices.  And while prostitution may be famous for being recession-proof, S&M dungeons are feeling the pain—and not the pleasurable kind.  Business is down 70%.  [New York Post]

All the news that’s fit to print?  Discourse.net asks the University of Miami Law School to justify stats they printed regarding graduates’ starting salaries at firms.  And that situation raises questions about the national guidelines law schools use to report data.  If only the people who were willing to give this much oversight to UM’s viewbook were watchdogging the economy.  [Discourse.net]

Not able to live up to the laundry list of required “periods of quality time” to maintain a happy marriage (Loose Ends, 10-2-08)?  New York law firm Gravett & Gravett has launched NewYorkMarriageHelp.com, “an online resource offering support and guidance to work through the trouble spots in a marriage.” Tough-love marketing in the same vein of how Philip Morris runs campaigns about the health risks of smoking.  Don’t shoot the messenger—but please think of hiring the messenger before shooting your spouse.  And don’t smoke—but if you do, make it a tasty Marlboro.  [PRWeb.com]

Speak of the cigarette-making devil… “The Supreme Court, on the opening day of its term, heard arguments Monday on whether the tobacco industry can be held liable for allegedly perpetrating a massive fraud on the smoking public.” It’s a sticky (like tar) situation.  [Los Angeles Times]

Almost 80% of lawyers in the U.S. Senate voted to pass the Bailout Bill.  [Law.com]

But Fortune-100 General Counsels are pretty evenly split between McCain and Obama.  [Law.com]

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