Loose Ends, 10-8-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

AIG gone wild.  While markets plunge and after being allocated $85 billion from the Bailout Bill, AIG hosted a first-class retreat at a swanky resort and spa.  Bankruptcy is rejuvenating.  [Los Angeles Times]

You gotta eat AND study for your bar exam.  If you’re relying on a loan to bridge the gap during the months you prepare to pass, you might have some difficulty due to the economic crisis.  Just follow the AIG model and head for the nearest Four Seasons.  [Law.com]

What’s sadder than a failed child actor?  A failed child actor-murderer.  Don’t kill people—no matter how awful your experience was on the set of “Might Morphin Power Rangers.” [CNN]

In mostly the same situation as Ron Burgandy, anchorman Dan Rather is suing former employer CBS for breach of contract and claims he was robbed from earning millions because his name was so sullied.  [Bloomberg]

Trump got trumped by a judge, which expands the war between him and his former representation at Morrison Cohen.  [New York Law Journal]

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  • A Voice of Sanity

    You missed the key point about the AIG conference. SALESMEN. Nothing fixes any corporation better than profits and profits come from sales. While one might quibble about the type of resort and events, it is essential to keep these guys motivated and selling and that is a damn tough job in this environment, so this is the wrong thing to bitch about. Go for the golden parachutes, sure, but salesmen need feeding like an engine does.