Loose Ends, 11-1-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Bill 49 hours this weekend!  It’s time to set your clocks back.  [The Associated Press]

Are people who exercise their First Amendment rights infringing on Sarah Palin’s First Amendment rights?  I’m sure that question will be addressed tonight on Saturday Night Live.  You can almost hear Tina Fey reading this story to you.  [ABC News Blogs]

Carpe diem, lawyers.  [The Boston Globe]

Sorry, boss.  There’s no way it was me who sent out those screwed up contracts.  I was busy buying crack when they went out.  (Yep, that defense is a hard sell—no matter the context.) [New York Post]

Real-life Bitter Lawyer gone wild!!  Sometimes freeing yourself from the trappings of an American life is easier when you don’t have things like prestigious documents staring you in the face every day.  But if your answer to that weighed-down feeling is to make a statement by publicly burning your bra Harvard Law School diploma, expect to blawg it out and answer for it.  [Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity]

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