Loose Ends, 11-10-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

It’s a total catfight in court between Barbie and Bratz.  Mattel, the maker of Barbie, is all tryin’ to bitch slap Bratz-manufacturer MGA Entertainment with copyright infringement. MGA has been pimpin’ out Bratz for almost $800 million in profits, so you know that ho Barbie is straight-up pissed and getting backhanded by Mattel to get out there and earn her keep.  [Bloomberg]

It’s like the stray cat (AIG) you fed and now can’t shake.  Only this time it brought back a few feral cat buddies (American auto industry) who are also hungry.  [CNN Money]

A justice mural, you say?  So not bourgeois enough for the residents of Philadelphia’s hardwood-and-granite Rittenhouse Square.  [Associated Press]

Rankings aren’t everything, but they’re sort of…everything.  The University of Texas School of Law is gunning for serious top-10 T1 standing, and it just might have the right man on board to get it there.  []

While several select lawyers have become United States presidents (26 Ex-Bitters in Chief), an even smaller number have left their practice to coach college football.  Though it’s unclear how well the Socratic Method works on the gridiron.  [Law Pundit]

In Los Angeles, your server is probably an actor, but throughout the country, it might be a public defender who’s serving your Caesar salad.  [Minnesota Public Radio]