Loose Ends, 11-11-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Legislation is being crafted that will make it a federal crime to sell tickets to President-elect Obama’s swearing-in ceremony in January.  240,000 tickets are available, but rumors are that the originally free tickets might sell on the open market for as much as $40,000—or as Sarah Palin would refer to the price: Two blouses and a skirt.  [Washington Post]

Florida has a new law which bans cyber bullying.  But at least when you’re being bullied online it’s harder for them to steal your lunch money.  []

Executive orders.  See how your dad’s old edicts compare to those of the president’s.  [WSJ Law Blog]

A judge revoked bail for a teenager awaiting trial “after hearing that [the teenager] had allegedly threatened to dismember a lawyer who is a prospective witness in the case and mail his body parts to his family.” No word on whether the was to slice, dice, fillet or julienne the lawyer.  []

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