Loose Ends, 11-12-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

White & Case is more like White & Off-the-Case.  They’re the latest Big Firm to cut jobs.  “[The] international law firm said Tuesday it would lay off 70 lawyers, plus an additional 100 staff members, due to a decline in legal activity caused by the global financial crisis.” [Wall Street Journal]

Look out, Niagara Falls—there may be a whole new set of honeymooners headed that way.  Connecticut is expected to be the latest state to turn on the green light and begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses as soon as this morning to gay couples wanting to take the plunge.  []

“Overreaching gun legislation” is on the minds of some Americans as gun sales surge.  Many are taking the opportunity to buy a “nice piece” as a preventative measure in case President-elect Obama puts a ban into effect when he takes office.  Something sounds so comforting about the idea of the holidays coming up while tons of Americans are freshly laid off and the statistic of record gun sales swirls around like a cinnamon stick in a hot cup of cider.  It’s a Bing Crosby song that practically sings itself.  [Los Angeles Times]

Apparently not everyone is taking Ex-Bitter’s advice about LL.M. degrees.  (10-31-08: I Might Get an LL.M.) Programs, such as Georgetown’s, are on the rise.  []

N.F.L. retirees can supplement their free-falling pensions and 401(k) plans with $28.1 in damages, should the award stand.  Don’t hate the retired player, current players’ union, hate the video game.  [The New York Times]

You would think daddy issues would be a characteristic that relates more to sex offenders than to their lawyer, but attorney Bill Habern has made a career out of the unpopular cases.  []

We spend most of our time here at Bitter Lawyer worried about you: The desensitized fifth year, the pre-bar results neophyte, the gunner 1L and everyone in between.  But what about us—the publisher?  Nick Denton is restructuring Gawker Media in January and predicts the rest of us on-liners will soon be a little bit screwed.  But don’t think we’re going to be bitter about it.  We leave all that up to you.  Viva La Resistance!  [Valleywag]

  • Ellie

    I love how Republicans buy guns to protect themselves from their neighbors. They always feel threatened & never live in big cities. Go home with your guns, lock your shack, and don’t come out. Snort…

  • Bill Dickey

    Ellie, please shut your mouth and take your top off.

  • Andrew

    I work at Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe and we just got an email in it today- something like 40 attorneys got canned along with thirtysomething staff members.  Guess some of our offices did a lot of business for those financial firms that went under. 
    Oh.. and no more private cars on the company dollar.

  • Jennifer

    I work for a pretty big Texas firm, we had a great year and leave for our firm-wide annual vacation next week but we got an email this week about cutting costs and conserving expenses so that we will all make it through the crunch in 2009 successfully.  I am so grateful for our firm philosophies but am concerned about the vehicle manufacturers and pharmac companies…they pay our salaries so what legislative changes lie ahead?