Loose Ends, 11-13-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Here’s the story of man named Obama, who picked a group including several lawyers for his team.  This group will prepare for a new administration.  And that’s the way they all became the transition bunch.  [Associated Press]

It’s bar results season, and while you’re still stuck biting your nails to the quick, New York and California, SMU in Texas is celebrating a state-best passage rate.  [Dallas Morning News]

When your job is to legally coordinate how to lay people off, this is sort of your golden era.  [Am Law Daily]

Bread and water need to hire a PR firm because prisons are getting a bad rap for their culinary stylings today.  Actress Anne Hathaway’s spoiled fraud of an ex-boyfriend who scammed millions and now resides in the clink has his legal team saying he’s sick because the food it too unhygienic to eat.  Meanwhile, ex-Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian is on a hunger strike from prison in protest of his arrest.  [ Reuters | AFP]

Dying to hear all the inside scoop about the Yale Law School admissions process?  Booya!  There’s a Podcast.  Dean of Admissions Asha Rangappa chats you through the process from application to acceptance.  With no GPA or LSAT requirements and an amazing loan forgiveness program—not to mention you don’t have to worry about grades, rankings or basic competition—it’s a wonder they don’t receive 35,000 vs. 3,500 applicants annually.  [Yale.edu]

  • Pacific Reporter

    Asha Rangappa is hot.

  • Tbone

    Agree.  Especially for a Yalie.

  • Anonymous

    Luke Warm, but not Hot if you like Asians, maybe.  I prefer the good old-fashioned California babes with the tight bodies, real boobs, and ….. you don’t get that in Law School, fellas.

  • Hot chick

    Yeah, I bet you lots of those.  With a golden rap like that, you must be a real player.  Loser.

  • john

    asha is smokin.  maybe the best brains/bod combo i’ve seen in awhile (except for my wife, of course).  there’s definitely a sliding scale there.  she’s in the sweet spot.

  • Anonymous

    Yale women are the worst, so this woman looks pretty good. Not great by outside standards, but great by Ivy league standards.