Loose Ends, 11-14-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Here’s one time it wouldn’t be a great idea to blow off a debtor’s kneecaps: Former quarterback Michael Vick’s bankruptcy attorneys say he’ll be reinstated to the N.F.L. and will return to his career following his prison term.  Earnings from resumed play will allow him to settle up with a few folks.  Meaning he’ll be on the run to pay back the some $20 million he owes in liabilities alright, but he’s hoping to do it on field and not the lam.  [Am Law Daily]

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe defends its ability to do basic math.  Last month they hired 27 partners from Heller Ehrman during their demise, but yesterday they announced 40 associate and 35 staffer layoffs.  “[I]t’s apples and oranges.” Bitter Lawyer “Andrew” commented yesterday (Loose Ends, 11-12-08): “I work at Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe … [g]uess some of our offices did a lot of business for those financial firms that went under.  Oh.. and no more private cars on the company dollar.” Nothing like a little personal-transpo gravy to go on your now-jobless potatoes.  [ABA Journal]

With everything in the media so “Obama!, Obama!, Obama!” centric, what’s Vice President-elect Joe Biden got to do to get a little press ink?  HLS grad and former O’Melveny partner Ronald Klain will be his new chief of staff.  Does that help?  []

Now that we know ”Narcissists who like to exert control and reject collaborative decision-making are leading many large law firms,” it would stand to reason that the best law school candidates are narcissists in the making.  [The McGill Daily]

Considering it seems as much as emotional “sparks” can start devastating wildfires in California, in Missouri, you really got to work to burn the place down.  When you can scale the roof of a law firm, board a hole, pour in gasoline, ignite a fire and still only cause $2,886 worth of damage—that’s economical arson.  [Southeast Missourian]