Loose Ends, 11-15-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Kanye West got handsy with a Papzi and wound up suspected of assault again for the second time in as many months (Loose Ends, 9-11-08).  He was arrested the first time at Los Angeles International Airport.  Then, most recently, he was taken into custody at his hotel in London.  His Hilton hotel.  Nothing quite says “hardcore international rap superstar” quite like three-star hotel chains, commercial airports and an jet-set lifestyle.  []

Hillary Clinton is at the top of the short list for Obama’s Secretary of State position.  In other news, recently deleted from Bill’s list of turn-ons: Secretaries.  [Los Angeles Times]

Price you have to pay for not being the first black president: $486,803.  [Yahoo!]

Laid off from the firm?  Concerned about your career?  Finding creative ways to make ends meet?  If you’re married, there might be a good way to put your litigation career back to work and make a few bucks in the process.  [New York Post]

“A woman in Cornwall, England, has filed papers to divorce her husband on the grounds of ‘unreasonable behavior’ after she discovered that his character in the online role-playing game Second Life had been having an affair.” Meanwhile, this couple’s definition of “reasonable behavior” remains open.  [Time]

In news totally aside from law, NASA astronauts are scheduled to drink their own urine today.  And, poof!  Suddenly being a lawyer seems a little less miserable.  [CNET]