Loose Ends, 11-17-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Think you’re sitting pretty in this current economy because of the cellar full of 2005 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Bordeaux you bought years ago?  Think again.  Even the fruit of the vine doesn’t have as much juice as it once did.  [BBC News]

Gregory Craig will be the new White House counsel for the Obama administration.  Which is a surprising, change-we-can-believe-in decision considering Craig is a 1972 graduate of the New England School of Law… Er, just kidding.  He graduated from that “other Boston-area school,” then Yale Law.  He also has a snappy rhyming name and defended President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  [WSJ Law Blog]

Who might Obama appoint to the Supreme Court?  It’s uncertain at this point, but it seems everyone is ready for whichever Justices are thinking about retiring to get going so the fun of choosing some fresh blood can begin. Out with the old.  Kicked to the curb.  The bell is ringing.  It’s time to go new school.  [Los Angeles Times]

Throw a rock down the street and you have a good change of hitting any number of lateral partners on the job market.  But it’s all about whose got the biggest book of business and knows how to use it.  [Law.com]

Billing rates and billable hour totals are down compared to years previous, which means a lot of firms have a lot more time on their hands.  So what if they sold it off Costco-style using value billing?  Just a thought.  [Law Department Management | The Greatest American Lawyer]

For most, the bitter feelings accrue slowly over time.  For others, a Bitter Lawyer is born day one of law school.  A simple acoustic guitar sets the 1L stage for a Dashboard Confessional-style expression of a bitter law student.  [Pax Plena]

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