Loose Ends, 11-18-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Between McCain/Palin, and now Mark Cuban, self-proclaimed mavericks aren’t fairing well this year.  The SEC filed a suit on Monday charging Cuban with insider training, which—and you’re never going to believe this—is a charge he doesn’t agree with, and he’s speaking out about it.  [The New York Times]

The following link directs you to a survey from ABA Journal.  They are requesting that legal blogs in their network distribute the survey so they can reach people to find out information on the job market and current economy.  The results will appear in the January 2009 ABA Journal.  Godspeed.  [Survey via ABA Journal]

“Michael Garcia, a top federal prosecutor of terrorism and white-collar crime cases in New York, resigned on Monday to join a private law firm.” And it seems like a great idea to make a big announcement to masterminds of terrorism that we’ve got no one at the wheel in New York.  [Reuters]

A good friend will help you move, but a great friend will help you move a body.  And a great, idiot friend will allow you to store a dead body in their own lavatory for an unspecified amount of time while they collect money on the body and don’t share it with you.  Sounds like a deal.  [Yahoo!]

Last Friday, Justice Scalia offered counsel Richard Bress an apology during a SCOTUS session after he falsely accused Bress of not having necessary documents.  [WSJ Law Blog] For those of you who don’t believe Scalia could play the humble card quite like that, we ran across the following I’m-sorry valentine: