Loose Ends, 11-2-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy fees are estimated to reach $1.9 billion.  So in an effort to sell off assets, the first thing to go was the private jet, sold for $24.9 million.  Much of it will be spent on $950/hour legal fees—because it certainly ain’t cheap to go belly-up.  [New York Daily News]

Many notable American political leaders were lawyers first.  But in this year’s crazy election, some argue that an A.B.A. member would be a bad choice for President. “To the extent that lawyers have invaded the Administrative and Executive branches, often terrorizing non-lawyers by abusing their law degrees and threatening to sue people they do not like, America has become a legal dictatorship operated by the American Bar Association (which happens to be headquartered on Chicago’s Michigan Boulevard, in Barack Obama’s back yard).” You read it here—the candidate with the closest proximity to Lawyer HQ is the evilest.  [Mens News Daily]

Lawyers seem to agree that change is a’coming when a new sheriff comes to town.  “Whether it’s the John McCain administration or the Barack Obama administration, lawyers expect a night-and-day contrast between current rules, or lack thereof.” [The Dallas Morning News]

Is the legal profession devoid of innovation?  Guess it depends on whose opinion you read on this here electronic information superhighway internets web.  [Greatest American Lawyer]

Even though the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) has been in effect for 30 years, a record-setting number of complaints (even against law firms) are being made.  Oh, and “there are the studies that suggest that pregnant women just plain gross some people out.” Nuff said.  [Time]

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