Loose Ends, 11-20-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Eliot Spizter’s not-the-wife lady, Ashley Dupre, is opening up to the press.  She’s deep, and it’s been really hard—but she’s speaking emotionally.  She’s done with hookering.  The only things she wants to “do” for work now are music and fashion.  [MSNBC]

“Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft’s former chairman and current managing partner Robert Link Jr. was not included on a recommended slate of candidates for the firm’s management committee given to partners today, a source at Cadwalader says… So far this year, Cadwalader has announced layoffs for 131 associates, bringing its headcount down about 20 percent.” The going is getting tough for just about everyone.  And buckle up, folks, the ride’s not over yet.  [Am Law Daily]

The debate continues on whether the government should “Buy American.” [Wall Street Journal]

The King of Pop will finally go face the Bahrain Prince.  Even though Michael Jackson’s idea of “gifts” is absurd, he’s apparently on the mend enough (Loose Ends, 11-19-08) to head to London to testify.  [Reuters]

The fate of the next season of Project Runway is pretty well “suited” at this point.  Lifetime is suing NBC Universal who is suing The Weinstein Co., and there are suits all over.  All this commotion just to be able to watch people sew.  [E! Online]

The Obamas might be adding a Schnauzer to the family once Barack, Michelle and their two children move into the White House.  How do we know?  Well, Legal Schnauzer told us, of course.  [Legal Schnauzer]

You really can buy your way into anything these days.  Even equity partner.  [ABA Journal]

Speaking of buying your way into anything, Houston’s Lanier Law Firm is not only forging ahead with their holiday party this year (despite this year’s trend to cancel), but the headline entertainment will be Miley Cyrus.  They’ll be feasting on Hannah Montana while the rest of the law community would be seasonally overjoyed with a crudité platter and a free gimlet.  [Tex Parte Blog]

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  • Alex Hump

    I wouldn’t pay a nickel for Dupree, let alone the amount she charged.  Spitzer was either blue-balled at home or hornier than a toad.