Loose Ends, 11-21-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Politics and government are hogging the spotlight heading into the weekend…

There was a big scare in Washington last night, but it wasn’t a matter of national security.  It came during a national security speech.  “Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapsed while giving a speech to a prominent conservative lawyers’ organization.” Hang in there, Mr. Mukasey.  We’re pulling for you.  [Wall Street Journal]

Also publicly collapsing yesterday was Alaska’s Senator Ted Stevens’ career.  After recent scandals, the 85-year-old made his farewell speech and yielded the floor after being narrowly defeated in his election for a seventh term.  “To hell with politics,” he said.  Or hell is politics.  Either way.  [Washington Post]

And while DC’s older men are tumbling down, moving on up political ladder is Hillary Clinton, who will likely be reporting for duty as secretary of state.  [Bloomberg]

America has been concerned: If the job perk of snooping in newsworthy medical records is so yesterday (Get hip, St. Vincent Medical Center!), what’s the trendy, new form of breech-able private information? Verizon Wireless is showing us that cell phone records are the new black.  Employees were busted for an unauthorized scope of President-elect Obama’s use and billing.  [CNN]

Is the band breaking up over at Citigroup?  [Bloomberg]

Ladies with mono-names have all the luck.  Right, Madonna?  Not agonizing over whether to keep her married surname (surname because she’s British!), Madge has been granted a preliminary second divorce.  (See—here is where the natural instinct is to be punny and reference one of her pop lyrics here, but I’m going to be unexpected and let the opportunity pass.) [Associated Press | New York Daily News]

“Kids sue teacher for canceling recess!” It was a stunt/learning exercise coordinated by the University of Utah Law School.  “Despite losing the case (the jury found in favor of the teacher), what does 11-year-old Andrea Alvarez want to be when she grows up? ‘A veterinarian,’ she said. ‘And a lawyer, too.’” It’s like a better-educated Ace Ventura.  With a ton of loans.  [Salt Lake Tribune]

The golden era of BigLaw may be on pause right now, but the force is always with Bob Goldstein, Jedi Injury Lawyer.  [io9]

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