Loose Ends, 11-25-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Hardball Los Angeles litigator Terry Christensen was sentenced Monday to three years in federal prison, fined $250,000, and ordered to three years of post-prison supervision for conspiring with Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano to wiretap billionaire Kirk Kerkorian’s former wife.  The judge said “deterring other lawyers from illegal conduct was an important goal in Christensen’s sentencing.” Learn from Terry.  [Los Angeles Times]

What does Tiger Woods have to do with the Big 3 bailout plan?  [USA Today]

Seconding Cravath’s announcement to cut bonuses this year, Simpson Thacher supports halving the year-end love.  And while this might be all be a response to clients cutting legal costs (per Cravath’s suggestion), law firm PPP suggest that partners still seem to be having their cake and eating it too.  Mmm, cake[]

“For the first time the world’s largest firms have been ranked in order of the litigation revenue they generate.” And Skadden tops the list with a chump-change amount—$901 million.  [The Lawyer]

The gov. may have buoyed Citigroup yesterday (with David Polk, Cleary Gottlieb and Cravath racking up the assists), but the state of the economy is making the Presidential transition dance hard to navigate.  It’s that medium-tempo song that’s too upbeat to slow dance, but too mellow to really grove out.  (“Keeping up the appearance that the transition is going smoothly, while at the same time promising major change, is a challenge for Obama’s team.”) And what happens when Reagan asks to cut in? (“Here’s the bottom line: Instead of making things better, increased spending will only drive our economy further into the ground.”) [The New York Times]

The Bush pardon party isn’t much fun yet.  14 are off the hook, but no one’s the life of the party.  Yet.  He still has plenty of white shoes at the service of white-collar criminals nipping at his heals.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

You always have to watch your own back in prison, and for one inmate, all the experience in the clink paid off when he defended himself in the courtroom.  Not to mention—self-representation is a cost-saving trend that even has Nebraska housewives rolling the dice.  [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | Associated Press]

The parenting technique of “It hurts me to do this just as much as it hurts you” that you resented so much as a kid is now a component of the Big Firm world.  A Los Angeles partner narrates the story of how his layoff forbearance gave way to dropping the ax.  And it was so hard for him.  [ABA Journal]

Stay current on who’s digging graves in the Am Law 200 cemetery with Am Law’s frequently-updated The Layoff List.

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