Loose Ends, 11-26-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

The Grinch is in effect a little early this year.  Lawyers representing Dr. Seuss have ordered the city of Louisville, KY to shut down its “LouWhoVille” display, based on “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” And in Seussical form, the city reacts to the mean-spirited lawyers: “‘The Grinch is our property,’ came their mad shout, ‘We must find a way to put these lights out!’ Then they got an idea. A lawful idea. The firm got an enforceable, lawful idea.  ‘We know JUST what to do,’ the Grinch-lawyers hissed. ‘We’ll send them a letter to cease-and desist.  And if that doesn’t work,’ they clucked without unction, ‘We’ll go down to Lou-ville and get an injunction.’” [The Courier-Journal]

HLS grad and Legal Outreach founder James O’Neal and Andy Scherer, executive director of Legal Services, made the list of unsung heroes who New York should be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  But I bet most of you won’t care enough to even click on this link.  Or will you?  [Village Voice]

This is serious.  Get really focused because this could possibly straight-up blow your mind… Law students are excited about Thanksgiving.  (There!  I said it!  Whew.  It’s out in the open now.  WOW—it’s like a two-hundred-pound weight just lifted off my chest.) []

A stripper has plead guilty to arranging a hit on a Long Island attorney.  I’m sure she only agreed to do it to help pay her way through law school.  [Associated Press]

A lawyer who did not tell authorities about his two clients’ pact to commit suicide has avoided criminal action.  Apparently the law does not require someone to report impending threats of suicide.  But you do need to report steroids in professional sports.  [Associated Press]

Reports suggest that the current business model of law isn’t sustainable—yet firms insist on continuing with their same follow-the-leader format.  [The Legal Watercooler]

And playing against the Big Firm fragile business model, some BigLaw rejects are now opting to join one, big virtual firm.  Founded in 2000 by Big Firm refugees, “Axiom is able to offer legal services at fees that can be 50% lower than those charged by the country’s top firms.” Hate to hear what their bonus projections are.  [CNN Money]