Loose Ends, 11-27-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Happy Thanksgiving.  The news is a little gloomy for a holiday morning, but at least there’s a PARADE!

Not everyone maturely understands the concept of “bitter.” Bitter can be fun, but when it goes extreme, it’s bad, sad news.  So due to the asshole, way-too-bitter terrorists who killed more than 100 in Mumbai (not to mention bombings in Kabul and Afghanistan), the al-Qaeda chatter stew is stirring up again.  NY and DC are on alert with reports of possible attacks in the near future.  Hope Washington lawyer Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano have their crap together enough to be ready to handle terrorism in a 2008 world.  And, most importantly, our thoughts go out to those caught in the senseless violence.  [Washington Post]

The Missouri Myspace cyber-bully was convicted of three misdemeanor charges but avoided a felony conviction.  [WSJ Law Blog]

The teeter of partisan power in the Senate depends on next Tuesday’s runoff race between GOP incumbent Sen. Saxby Chambliss and Atlanta Democrat Jim Martin.  But what you maybe didn’t know about Saxby Chambliss is that he’s a former agriculture attorney and University of Tennessee Law School graduate.  Riveting.  [US News and World Report]

In a non-law world, your JD may be worthless—or worse, bringing you down.  “And in a tight job market where all types of employers have reams of resumes from which to choose when filling an opening, a law degree can look like baggage they’d rather sidestep.” And with a lot of lawyers being traded in for cheaper Indian models and a surplus of unproductive associates barely even making use of their degree as lawyers, supply has definitely exceeded demand.  [Law.com | Is the Versatility of a Law Degree Just a Myth? | Law Firm Productivity Down]

These are gay times… The 30-year-old ban on gays and lesbians adopting children in Florida was finally overturned and ruled unconstitutional.  Previously, Florida was the only state to uphold such a ban.  (Not that it’s permanent yet—appeals are expected.) Then the Hawkeye breadbasket of Iowa will hear gay marriage arguments in court next month.  But much of the current focus is on Milk, which is expected to be a major unintended vehicle for gay rights. When the bio-pic starring Sean Penn as gay politician Harvey Milk opens, “organizers of the nationwide protests against Proposition 8’s passage held this month are calling on same-sex marriage supporters to fill movie theaters on Dec. 5 to show their financial clout.” [Associated Press]

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