Loose Ends, 11-28-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Pretty people served food to the less fortunate on Thanksgiving and upstaged the Boston Mayor, Speaker of the House and Attorney General.  Though few of us are anywhere near as fortunate as Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady, so they’ve got a lot of plates to heap on the green bean casserole.  [Boston Herald]

Axl is being a nimrod, per usual.  And how does a d-bag create hype about an album no one seems to care about?  He gets lippy with a soft drink company.  Of course.  “The lawyer for Guns N’ Roses and Axl Rose has castigated Dr Pepper, accusing the soda maker of failing to deliver on its promotion to offer free soda in celebration of the band’s new album, ‘Chinese Democracy.’” [Billboard.com]

A lawyer was actually shocked by something.  A Tampa lawyer was addressing a code board meeting when he flew off the handle and slapped an officer.  So the officer tased his ass.  Jolt!  [Tampa Bay Online]

If you’re in high school and not using your cell phone camera for nudity, you’re missing out.  Miley Cyrus has got nothing on these kids.  Not only are two girls’ parents suing B(r)othell High for having the audacity to suspend their daughters who photographed each others’ bare bodies and then forward the pictures on to the football team, but a Wisconsin teen was arrested for showing his friends a naked picture of his ex-girlfriend.  [FoxNews.com]

Heath Ledger will reportedly inspire a Law & Order episode.  Sam Waterson’s character will leave the law to take a job as a gay sheepherder in Wyoming.  Ratings Bonanza.  [Boston Herald]

But you can learn the 10 most important lessons in life from Law & Order anyway.  [Boston.com]

2009 will be a tough year, law firms.  So remember what you do: Practice law.  [Legal Week]