Loose Ends, 11-3-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Marketers want to appreciate you with gifts on Election Day.  Free coffee, donuts, ice cream and more can be yours for merely visiting a polling booth.  But taking your “I Voted” sticker out for a spin to collect loot in California on Tuesday may be against the law and considered a bribe.  Or as Senator Stevens would call it: “Just another day.” []

How do you make community service appealing to lawyers?  Blatantly remind them it’s for their own benefit.  Take four hours every three months to be a hospital candy striper, and watch your karma go through the goddamn roof!  []

Barack might be trying to keep is Harvard roots low-key, but don’t expect Harvard to do the same.  The man, the myth, the new campus legend.  [Harvard Crimson]

Stop complaining about the depleting value of your retirement saving account.  Everyone is in the same boat—even the richest.  Billionaires are taking financial hits in this economy too.  Which means they have slightly fewer billions.  Now don’t you feel better?  [MyWay]

With as rich as some people are, you think they’d come up with something more original to do than become intertwined in a passé sex scandal.  “German prosecutors have opened an investigation into allegations that the country’s richest woman, Susanne Klatten, was blackmailed for millions of euros by an ex-lover.” Buy some German-engineered randy ingenuity already.  [Breitbart]

When a plate hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s one jacked wife you got.  [New York Post]

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