Loose Ends, 11-4-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Matrix star Keanu Reeves was cleared of damages for hitting someone with his car. While it was reported that many members of the jury are still trying to decide between the blue and red pill, they needed no time reaching their case conclusion.  But much like anything that’s good the first time in Hollywood, is a diluted sequel on the horizon?  “Asked if he would seek out Reeves as a subject in the future, [Reeves’ accuser] smiled and said, ‘Why not?’” [Los Angeles Times]

By the time the results are in and every state has been officially assigned a color, will anyone even care anymore?  [Los Angeles Times]

Reasons you might be crabby today: Lines too long at the polls, you have a migraine, you woke up late, you just got convicted of terrorism.  So what?  Suck it up.  And enough is enough with the dramatic temper tantrums already.  [Miami Herald]

There will be a draft of lawyerly men and woman on the election front lines tomorrow as they will be fighting the war on voter fraud.  “In a hotly contested election, where victory can come down to a small number of votes in a handful of battleground states, these groups are ready to take their fight to the courtroom, already the site of many of their pitched battles over the last four years.” [Law.com]

South Carolina posted their new bar results—only this time without insane controversy.  Therefore continuing the streak of nothing interesting happening in the state since last summer.  [The State]

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  • Bitter 2L

    I don’t know why it is that I take sick fascination with typos, but in the third story down…”you just got convinced of terrorism”?  Perhaps we’re hoping for “convicted” rather than convinced.  Maybe I see that because I’ve been editing for the last 14 hours of my life, solid, and have really, no end in sight…
    Who knows?!  At least Starbucks is offering free coffee if you voted!  I’LL TAKE IT!

  • LTD Fan

    That’s why “Typo” is so funny.

  • Bitter 2L (who still has not slept)

    I just watched it and laughed my ass off.  I needed it.  Today has just sucked overall.  I’m doing this brief, I have to argue before our state’s Court of Appeals tomorrow, and my girlfriend and I broke up today.  AWESOME!  At least Starbucks is giving away free coffee if you voted.  I’LL STILL TAKE IT!

  • Anonymous

    Bitter 2L, dont worry about the girlfriend.  Once you’re admitted, you’ll have all the women you want.  Unfortunately some of it will be rancid, but forewarned = prepared.  Bring a gas mask!