Loose Ends, 11-5-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

An HLS-educated lawyer is now the ultimate American boss-elect, which means a White Sox fan is moving into the White House.  After a 21-month campaign, Barack Obama reigns supreme.  And regardless of politics, the day’s results, culminating last night with a “serious” Obama in Chicago’s Grant Park, were powerful and historic.  At least enough to (sort of) take center stage away from Oprah for a few spare moments.  But how did he go from “Yes I Can” to “Yes I Did”?  [Newsweek]

“Change has come to America.” But not entirely for everyone.  The three states voting on gay marriage bans have mainly approved them—the fate of California’s Proposition 8 still somewhat TBD.  But even if states allowed gay marriage, how would it play out at law firms?  Will “partner” ever be a term that has an acceptable, non-equity meaning throughout Biglaw?  [Am Law Daily]

Just as you were starting to think San Fran over Vegas for that bachelor party you’re planning, the Bunny Ranch may still be your best option.  Looks like Bay Area prostitutes aren’t going to be getting the free ride from police they were hoping for.  []

NYC Big Firms might be the popular jocks from high school who show up pudgy, bald and a lot less cool at the 10-year reunion.  []

Some ladies are finally getting a leg up.  [Chicago Tribune]

“The Supreme Court Tuesday seemed split over the threat that vulgar words broadcast on television might pose to American children.” So basically, there’s still no official decision on whether it’s really a bad idea to watch Californication with eight-year-olds.  [Wall Street Journal]

You may have turned to old standbys CNN, NBC, Drudge and HuffPo for updates, but networking site Twitter seemed to have everyone “tweeting” about the election yesterday.  If only most things you read in a day were 140 characters (and not pages) in length.  [Associated Press / Chicago Tribune]