Loose Ends, 11-7-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

The feds are letting Spitzer off the hook.  Mainly because they have no proof he misused campaign or public funds to maintain a healthy habit of call girls.  So obviously his wife is feeling pretty good today knowing that cash came out of her own pocket.  [Wall Street Journal]

Don’t be turning to Craigslist for factory outlet closeouts on discounted trysts, Eliot.  40 state Attorney Generals are aiming to make “Casual Encounters” a lot less casual.  [Seattle Tech Report]

“Yesterday, Obama appointed three of his HLS classmates and one former HLS professor and alumnus to top transition team posts.” Which gives “riding the crimson wave” a whole new meaning.  [Harvard Law School]

Thinking about going to law school in these depressed economic times?  Then you’re a damn fool. Hate to burst your bubble (quite enjoy it, really), but the reasons why you think it’s such a good idea might need a little myth-busting.  [The Philadelphia Lawyer]

Dispatch the lawyer hounds to Alaska and retrieve those clothes.  Because it’s so important.  And spending thousands of dollars on travel expenses to collect Palin’s clothing seems like the smart thing to do.  Certainly a very “green” choice.  [The Daily Mail]

A 30-year Deloitte partner, Thomas Flanagan, caps off his career by getting sued by his own accounting firm.  Guess he never accounted for getting caught.  [The Huffington Post]

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