Loose Ends, 11-9-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

When is a dog more of a lawyer than an Iranian interior minister?  When it legitimately has a law degree and doesn’t have to lie about it.  “Skeeter, a playful service dog, received his honorary Juris ‘Dog’tor, making him the first nonhuman to be conferred a degree from the institution.  His owner, Amy Jones, along with 15 other students, received her Juris Doctor degree Saturday afternoon at Waco Hall on Baylor University campus.” []

Need a workout specialist?  Not for your muffin top, for your loans.  But come to think of it, how bad of an idea could it be to try on a gym once in a while?  [The New York Times]

“[A law] firm alleges that Amish families’ religious beliefs are being violated by the town’s forcing them to install smoke detectors in their homes, submit engineering plans and allow home inspections.” But the government has a point—if one of their houses catches fire, you want them to immediately be able to call the fire department.  Oh, and on the list of things most Amish communities don’t have: Phones and a fire department.  [Watertown Daily Times]

In hopes of getting a loan extension, Donald Trump is trying to convince the court that the current economic crisis is an event of force majeure.  Maybe that “millionaire” business (Loose Ends, 10-27-08) isn’t as far fetched as he’d like you to believe.  [The Dirty Lawyer’s Blog]

Lawyer is the new priest.  []

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  • Anonymous

    The dog was more attractive than most of the females receiving JD’s at Baylor.  Have you had a look at those cows?

  • Josh McHugh

    Further to the NYT/muffin top discussion, a pithy minute of analysis of the flab-over-belt phenomenon, courtesy of leading cultural critic Courtney Cloverlock: