Loose Ends, 12-1-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

In an effort to keep his client from being perceived as a deadly misogynist, Phil Spector’s lawyer is trying to convince the jury that Phil is generally threatening and behaves batshit crazy with all sexes.  Good luck with that.  [Los Angeles Times]

Prez-elect will announce his national security team today, which will be toplined by Yale Law graduate Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.  She’ll be hustling the globe, racking up miles in order to uphold the nation’s reputation abroad.  And in the process leaving Bill stateside to uphold is reputation of hustling and racking broads of his own.  Or he can just go serve the Senate[Washington Post]

It’s more fun to work on bankruptcy cases than to be one.  Suppose that’s why “James H. M. Sprayregen, who spent the last three years at Goldman Sachs, will return Dec. 12 to Kirkland & Ellis, the law firm where he spent 16 years advising companies on restructuring and bankruptcy matters.” [The New York Times]

While health care is a major challenge for the Obama administration, if former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle is to be Secretary of Health and Human Services, special interests might invade the White House.  “The former Democratic senator from South Dakota is a special policy adviser for the lobbying law firm Alston & Bird. And in his three years there, the firm has earned more than $16 million representing some of the health care industry’s most powerful interests before the department he’s in line to lead.” Can that be healthy for the nation?  [Politico.com]

One tar-slinging lawyer says the key to success is avoiding competition.  But how many laid-off lawyers would leave BigLaw to be a big fish in a puddle?  [Blog for A. Harrison Barnes]

But maybe life in a no-competition market isn’t that bad after all.  Have smart, educated people ever had as much to fear as they do these days?  Law schools are being flooded with a huge increase in applications, and the business of taking of heaps of student loans is getting a little dicey.  Six-figure debt to work in a declining job market may not be money-wise.  [IndyStar.com]

It’s not hard for law students to find a new book or a nugget of advice about the experience, but some of the best tricks can be learned from 1961 old school.  [FrederickNewsPost.com]

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