Loose Ends, 12-10-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

It’s Wednesday, December 10, are you calling in gay to work?  [Reuters]

The weather is always a shitty and unpredictable in Chicago—and the current state of politics in the city is seemingly no different than O’Hare weather patterns.  [ABC News]

Speaking of bad news from airports, Senator Larry Craig’s reputation is about as cemented as his wide stance in airport bathroom stalls.  And it’s not looking he’s going to get to withdraw any guilty plea.  [WSJ Law Blog]

Brush up on your Banking Law Basics at a set of classes that prep on how to succeed in an economy of failure.  [Boston.com]

A law clerk transports a hooker to a strip club convention and gets placed in home confinement, fined $5K and has to do 250 hours of community service.  “The 61-year-old Orchard Park, N.Y., resident, along with a state Supreme Court judge and a police captain, were arrested in an investigation of human trafficking activities by the Royal Order of Jesters men’s club.  Sounds like the sequel to Little Miss Sunshine[Law.com]

1Ls should be smart enough to know that any social problem that arises in law school should be taken up with Ex-Bitter and never Miss Manners—unless it’s about which eye you’re supposed to stick a fork in after watching to 1Ls repeatedly fight over a lecture seat.  [Washington Post]

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