Loose Ends, 12-11-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

$14 billion for automakers was the amount passed by the House last night.  But the bailout bill also has a cost-of-living raise for judges attached.  You know, so judges can better afford an American-made bitchin’ Camaro.  [ABA Journal]

What happens when the state of California needs a bailout bail of its own?  “California now faces an unprecedented $41.8-billion budget gap by July 2010.” [Los Angeles Times]

Tap, tap, tap—that’s how the Fed listened in on Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich ot hear him try to sell Obama’s Senate seat.  [ABC News]

Marc Dreier is trying to cooperatively run his law firm from prison.  “Prosecutors said Dreier [the firm’s only equity partner], 58, a graduate of Harvard Law School and Yale College, convinced two unidentified hedge funds to give him more than $100 million by claiming, falsely, that he was selling at a discount notes issued by New York developer Sheldon Solow.” Maybe if he’d had a more collegiate, less competitive law school experience, he wouldn’t be in this situation.  [Bloomberg.com]

And here are some of the highs and the lows from the nations’ law schools: The Duquesne law school dean is out; Cathy Silak, now a member of the Idaho Supreme Court, will be the first dean of its law school in Boise; and Wilkes University’s law school grand opening has been pushed back to at least 2011.  [TimesLeader.com]

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