Loose Ends, 12-13-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

There’s one legal holiday party that will be bigger than ever this year—and it’s tonight’s Second Life Bar Association’s second-annual holiday extravaganza.  In a castle!  With virtual food!  All enjoyed from the comfort of your home while you sit there and compulsively masturbate!  [CaliforniaImmigrationLawyerBlog.com]

In an all-out, all’s-fair-in-love-and-cyberlaw poaching, Harvard Law School hired Stanford’s “renowned legal scholar” Lawrence Lessig, who holds a law degree from Yale.  Even Harvard will take sloppy thirds.  [Boston.com]

Concurring Opinions’ Scott Moss posted his top-10 law school rankings yesterday, which are based on a refreshing methodology: “Law schools accrue points by having alumni who were high public officials convicted, or simply forced to leave office, following criminal or otherwise serious unlawful misconduct they allegedly committed while in office in the 1990s or 2000s.” And congratulations to Harvard and Yale for finishing first at everything.  [Concurring Opinions]

“Linklaters LLP, the second-largest London law firm by revenue, paid its top earner 3.4 million pounds ($5 million) in the ‘increasingly challenging’ economic climate of 2008.” Shockingly, Linklaters’ senior partner didn’t return Bloomberg’s call to comment on how fucking rich he is.  [Bloomberg]

It’s a simple, Onion-like story.  With no real detail.  First-year BU law student Michel Bamani has applied for 20 summer positions.  And the economy’s bad.  And that’s literally the end of the story.  [BizJournals.com]

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