Loose Ends, 12-15-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Miley Cyrus’ billable hour comes to the tune of $1 million dollars.  That’s how much she and her crew are expected rake in tonight for performing at a Lanier Law Firm’s Christmas party in Houston.  [OK! Magazine]

One of “London’s elite law firms, which expect to weather the financial crisis in part through an increase in big-ticket litigation, where partners’ rates can be as high as £750 per hour,” is being ordered to justify billing £5m for a five-day trial before it starts billing for its next RIM job.  [Financial Times]

The outcome of November’s election has been undecided…until today.  “[T]he day has come for the Electoral College to meet and formally select the next president of the United States.” Want a chance to go see it? Blagojevich will sell you a ticket.  [The New York Times]

While the Mumbi terrorists keep getting lawyer-dumped, Saddam Husseing’s former attorney has fought off 200 lawyers (including Americans) for the chance to voluntarily represent that Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush during a press conference on Sunday.  Pro bono work has never had so much sole.  [Capital News]

“A lawyer for five people busted for playing poker in a Mount Pleasant home will get a chance to argue a specific version of the card game requires too much skill to be included under South Carolina law banning games of chance.” The lawyer’s key witness will be Kenny Rogers who will didactically explain to the court that such skills include knowing when to hold um, fold um, walk away, when to run and when to count your money (Never!) when you’re sitting at the table.  [Fort Mill Times]

Santa’s elves aren’t the only one’s working overtime.  Pepperdine alumn Blago took Sunday to try and lawyer up to face his political future demise and lawmakers are in the trenches of trying to sort out the disaster[Washington Post]

  • Anonymous

    Would like to see the sexual harassment policy discussion going on at that law firm today leading up to the underage performer.

  • Anonymous

    Miley Cyrus and Hanna Montana are a very expensive version of white trash!

  • anonymous

    it’s an economic crisis out there folks and instead of putting that money to good use, you are paying a diney mouseketeer a million bucks? here is my suggestion: buy her cd and play it over your soundsystem. i think her cd is going for ten bucks in the sale bin……

  • anonymous

    oops, typo: i meant disney instead of diney