Loose Ends, 12-17-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Partners’ hearts and female associates’ eggs are no longer the only things frozen over at Latham.  They announced a freeze on all associates’ salaries yesterday.  Similar moves from competing firms expected.  [Law.com]

Where would entertainment “journalism” be without public court documents?  Practically suffering his own B. Spears-like mental lapse trying to whittle down to a mere 10, Popsquire posted the biggest A-list legal train wrecks of 2008.  (And his dad moved to LA, took over his estate and makes him cheese grits for breakfast.) [Popsquire.com]

While litigators may be licking their chops and making the most out of the Madoff fiasco, Bernie’s allegedly high-maintenance niece is feeling the heat of the spotlight.  “Shana Madoff, whose uncle Bernie Madoff stands accused of defrauding investors of $50 billion, is the wife of Eric Swanson, a former top lawyer at the Securities and Exchange Commission. A goy, but well-placed!” SEC: Shana Elicits Corruption?  [Gawker.com]

A side-by-side menu of the two family-connected, law-grad frontrunners vying for Clinton’s Senate seat.  Caroline and Andrew, I’ll start the bidding at $1 million.  Do I hear $1 million?  [Fox News]

The current economic crisis has the non-profit community up against the ropes.  There’s a debate on whether Cy Pres could be their Santa Claus this holiday season?  “Cy pres allows the court or the parties involved in a class action to direct any unclaimed funds to charity instead of returning them to the defendant.” Which is like when you get dumped (again!?) and your ex donates everything you bought them rather than returning it to you to save for the next lucky mate.  [MarketWatch]