Loose Ends, 12-19-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s infamous secret source in the Watergate scandal, “Deep Throat,” died today at the age of 95.  Then the FBI’s #2, Mark Felt’s secret identity wasn’t revealed until 2005.  “Felt insisted on remaining completely anonymous, or on ‘deep background.’ A Post editor dubbed him “Deep Throat,” a bit of wordplay based on the title of a pornographic movie of the time.” And what man wouldn’t appreciate that comparison?  [Washington Post]

American heavy metal gets picked up for $17.4 billion.  [Wall Street Journal]

Madoff.  $50 billion.  Lost.  Poof.  (On the staggering list of those involved, even New York Law School announced a $3-million exposure.) But could there possibly winners in the Ponzi scheme?  And even then, they’re really still losers, right?  [The New York Times]

You can rarely trust what you see or hear, but what about what you smell?  One wife took her nose to her man’s junk to whiff for herself if he’s been faithful.  Annnd…he punched her.  []

Lil Wayne has rapped himself into a copyright suit over his mix tapes and masterpieces.  He apparently released an unofficial single where he lays rhymes over a song by an obscure South African singer named Karma-Ann Swanepoel.  And guess who’s career, win or lose, will get a massive boost out of this.  Oh, yeah, an obscure South African singer named Karma-Ann Swanepoel.  [Am Law Daily]

Current standards rate the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life a “D.” A movie about a fat D-class felony that would have sent George Bailey to prison for two to seven years.  You certainly wouldn’t call Bernie Madoff a modern-day Jimmy Stewart, now would you?  [ABA Journal]

Legal-services attorney Irv Ackelsberg is threatening a class-action lawsuit against Philadelphia’s mayor if he closes down 11 area libraries.  Because where else are pedophiles and shifty types supposed to go for free internet access without libraries?  Throw the book at ‘um, Irv!  [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

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