Loose Ends, 12-23-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter newsroom:

Vince Acors is in a bad rut of denied gratification.  It started when he was busted having unmarried sex on a beach in Dubai—before the deed was ever done.  And now he’s been delayed leaving the country for the third time—most recently re-arrested at the airport just as he was about to board.  Likewise, all attempts to sneeze and itches scratches are thwarted by authorities.  [BBC]

Woops—not even a ‘swift boat’ can flee you to safety when you have 600 underage pornography images on your computer.  “A lawyer who served in the Clinton administration and more recently was an advisor to California’s lieutenant governor pleaded guilty to a child porn charge in a San Diego federal court Monday.” [CNN]

A judge slashed legal fees and named a new amount in a major settlement suit between General Motors and investors.  He’s like the Priceline of judiciaries.  []

Chipmakers are turning to expensive patent lawyers to boost revenue during a period of overproduction, dwindling demand, foreign competition and the worst market since 2001.  It is unconfirmed whether dipmakers are experiencing similar setbacks.  [Bloomberg]

You can get a law degree for less than a 3-Series BMW!  Eh.  And it even covers “the typical law school curriculum — torts, evidence, contracts, constitutional law.” [Nashville Business Journal]

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