Loose Ends, 12-24-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Already related to one “predicted” suicide with more tragedy expected, the impact of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme continues to widen.  And compliance attorneys are “arguably responsible.” But with this insanity, who isn’t?  [Wall Street Journal]

A woman is allegedly fired from her job for insisting on greeting callers with “Merry Christmas” as opposed to the company-approved “Happy Holidays.” “[S]he said the company president told her as she left, ‘We’re going to have a Merry Christmas here, Tonia — are you going to have a Merry Christmas now that you don’t have a job?’” Pwn3d!  []

Santa’s trying to come down the chimney while unemployment rates are going through the roof.  A 26-year high, to be exact.  The lyrics of “Santa Baby” are being re-written to include sensual demands for healthcare, retirement accounts and job security.  [Washington Post]

Dreier had a wingman.  Shocker.  []

“Oh, I’m not bitter; I’m really not.  I feel better now that I’ve said that.” Oh, dude, you’re so bitter, and it’s only going to get worse.  And we feel better having said that.  [JD Law Students Blog]