Loose Ends, 12-3-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Guess who wants to come crawling back to America.  30-year fugitive Roman Polanksi.  The Chinatown director has been out of the country since the day before he was scheduled to be sentenced to jail for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in Jack Nicholson’s home in 1977.  His lawyers asked the Los Angeles Superior Court to dismiss the case “in the interests of justice.” But the catch-22 is that in order to get it dismissed, he needs to appear in court.  But as a fugitive, he’d be arrested the minute he hits US soil.  Doh!  The whole story is better than almost any Leonardo DiCaprio movie.  [Los Angeles Times]

An 18-year prison term has been recommended for O.J. Simpson.  Have a feeling that Roman Polanski might have a distinct recommendation for this predicament.  []

Vroooom…FAIL.  The Big 3 ask taxpayers for nearly $40 billion to keep making cars people only buy because they feel guilty buying the foreign vehicles they really want.  [Business Week]

Bankruptcy shankruptcy.  Who cares if Big Firms’ belly-up departments are heaped with business right now?  The future is video games—and a 26-year-old who coordinates 20 lawyers that deal exclusively with the hip, interactive gaming community, just cornered the market.  [Los Angeles Times]

Fillibust-ed: The democrats fall a seat short of 60 in the Senate with Sen. Chambliss safely winning re-election in a Georgia run-off.  [Wall Street Journal]

A Craigslist ranter has been charged with libel for posting comments about his ex-girlfriend.  Makes you think back and really appreciate simpler times when issues like these were vented on the sides of bathroom stalls.  [ABC News]

Looking for some lawyerly sex stew to go with your morning coffee and cherry danish?  PhilaLawyer powwows with a real doc about the nonexclusive partnering of love and orgasms.  And how lawyers, like all men, are filthy animals.  (Also, Bitter Lawyer and PhilaLawyer partnered to bring you Seven Species of Legal Website Trolls, which posted today.) []

A panel has practically insisted that medical residents work no longer than 16 hours without sleep.  We checked, but no institute or expert panel is concerned with lawyers’ sleep deprivation, so bill on, sisters and brothers.  Bill on.  [Washington Post]